• Areas of Focus

    ■ Investigations
    ■ Executive Protection
    ■ Cybersecurity
    ■ Risk and Crisis Management
    ■ Security Vulnerability & Threat Assessments
    ■ Corporate Compliance
    ■ Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

SSG is a member of ASIS International

Discover the Sequoia Security Group (SSG)

The Sequoia Security Group and its affiliates are comprised of accomplished security professionals with many years of related experience and a proven track record of leadership in all aspects of security.

The Sequoia Security team provides unique and proven senior executive strategic leadership with a global network providing trusted and confidential boutique services and intelligent support founded on decades of significant experience and expert knowledge in national security, cyber security, protection, investigations, risk, compliance, emergency preparedness and technical surveillance countermeasures.

The Sequoia Security Group leverages its operational experience and global reach to provide the highest quality service to its customer base. Throughout their careers, the Sequoia Security Group professionals have adhered to the strictest of moral, legal and ethical standards.