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Risk and Crisis Management

Functioning as a team, SSG provides timely and accurate analysis that guides your decision makers with insight, opportunity, and direction in all areas including global marketing entry.

SSG assists clients in mitigating their security risks including fraud, corporate espionage and recommending appropriate security measures to guard against terrorism, workplace violence, theft, and embezzlement.  This is achieved by the identification and evaluation of vulnerabilities along with the recommendation of appropriate solutions. Driven by our Specialized Global Intelligence Center we can help multinational companies protect their human resources and assist them with both hands-on training and consulting to protect trade secrets, intellectual property, real property and other assets on the global arena.

  • Benchmarking: Assessing weaknesses and risks in organizational security protocols to tailor customized programs that strengthen deterrence strategies against potential threats.


  • Data Consulting and Artifical Intelligence: Using state of the art artificial intelligence software, we can analyze and monitor organizational and online data that could constitute a potential threat so that we can develop unique preventive and management mechanisms ahead of time.


  • Threat Assessment Advisement:  We offer organizational executive teams with risk and threat management training to increase internal cohesiveness in integrative security protocols and preventive measures to mitigate risks.