Mission Statement

We endeavor to be the preferred boutique security company for all whom we serve and pledge to conduct our protective security and investigative business with uncompromising professionalism, effectiveness and efficiency.  We adhere to a strategic approach of deliberate and steady growth, thereby enabling us to meet clientele demand with quality and timeliness.

Vision Statement

The vision of SSG is to be recognized as the pre-eminent boutique security firm and global provider of private security, cyber security and investigative services.  SSG is committed to provide security and investigative services that meet the highest standards of quality and professionalism through a committed, highly-trained and a collaborative oriented staff that employs progressive technology and promotes integrity in all its business processes.


  • Highest personal and professional integrity
  • Customer service, partnership and satisfaction
  • Exemplary, professional and confidential job performance at all times
  • Dedication to accomplishing the mission.
  • Loyalty to the Sequoia Security Group team and clients

SSG Capabilities Include:


SSG provides its select clientele with reliable and confidential domestic and international investigative and problem-solving services.  Our worldwide investigative team has extensive experience in law enforcement, financial crimes and accounting.  SSG is also adept at the provision of threat and vulnerability assessments (workplace violence), social media monitoring and the collection and analysis of intelligence and media investigations.

Executive Protection

SSG maintains an elite group of highly trained individuals with backgrounds ranging from former military, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security, state and local law enforcement who provide Executive Protection and Special Team services.  SSG has the ability to provide protective services at short notice anywhere in the world.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

SSG maintains an international strategic alliance with several diversified partners who assist with designing security strategies that ultimately meet specific needs protecting our clients most valued assets.

Risk and Crisis Management

SSG has developed Crisis Management Guides for our clients world-wide.  SSG focuses on developing area specific Crisis Management and Evacuation Guides and then training company employees on how best to utilize these guidelines during an emergency.

SSG can also conduct Threat and Vulnerability Assessments as part of the overall security package to better improve the protection for an individual or company.

Crisis Management Guides and Training

  • Area specific
  • Develop and Train in house Crisis Management Teams
  • Test and Evaluate

Evacuation Guides

  • Individual and Group plans
  • Research and Develop local assets

Threat Assessments

  • Determine Threat to Individuals or Companies
  • Used in conjunction with Vulnerability Assessments
  • Identify and Implement security measures to counter subject threat

Vulnerability Assessments

  • Identify and Assess vulnerabilities in existing security systems and plans
  • Develop counter measures and provide recommendations

Home and Business Security

  • Home Security Surveys
  • Building Security Surveys
  • Review and assess the effectiveness and efficiency of current use of alarms, cameras, lighting and staffing
  • Develop written plan to remedy security deficiencies

Evacuation Guides and Security Equipment

  • Develop area specific emergency and evacuation guides
  • Locate and maintain local assets
  • Train family and staff members
  • Test and evaluate current systems
  • Recommend and oversee installment of advanced security systems

Security Vulnerability & Threat Assessments:

SSG can be your company’s first line of defense as its services are tailored to your needs. Functioning as a team, SSG provides timely and accurate analysis that guides your decision makers with insight, opportunity and direction in all areas including global marketing entry.

SSG assists clients in mitigating their security risks including fraud, corporate espionage and recommending appropriate security measures to guard against terrorism, workplace violence, theft and embezzlement.  This is achieved by the identification and evaluation of vulnerabilities along with the recommendation of appropriate solutions. We can help companies protect their human resources and assist them with both hands on training and consulting to protect trade secrets, intellectual property, real property and other assets.

Integrated Security Programs

SSG’s integrated security solutions provide a complete profile of your company’s security and safety operations. From access control to video surveillance to mass notifications, each component communicates with the others, delivering relevant information to the right people in a timely fashion.

Asset and Employee Protection

SSG’s diverse team of established professionals understand the challenges of business ownership in the wake of threats both internal and external to your company’s profitability As a business owner, you realize that operating and owning a business can be fraught with pitfalls and risks.  Turning a profit isn’t enough; you must also protect your business from claims and lawsuits.

Debts and mortgage obligations to third parties and vendors, claims for damages caused by your employees, product or professional liability and consumer-protection issues are just some of the risks with which you must contend.  If handled improperly, these risks could result in the disastrous loss of both business and personal assets.

Knowing what risks you face and how to minimize or avoid the loss they can cause can give you the chance to run your business successfully.  SSG’s capabilities and extensive reach both domestically and globally can assist its select clientele the protection and threat mitigation against company assets and workforce.

Corporate Compliance

SSG provides knowledgeable support to our clients who are pressed to meet compliance issues through the documentation of protocols and best practices for your specific business needs.  Our security management team is comprised of former corporate attorneys and federal law enforcement professionals who are proficient with compliance issues as well as having managed numerous security issues on both a domestic and international level.  SSG’s goal is to evaluate your needs, dissect the compliance issue at hand and provide a corrective solution followed up with training specifically focused on preventive measures.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures -TSCM-Bug Sweeps

SSG provides counter surveillance and bug sweeping services – TSCM – for private and corporate requirements.  Our counter surveillance personnel are vetern technicians who offer discreet, confidential bug sweeping and counter surveillance debugging services (technical surveillance counter-measures) to individuals and or firms who suspect they are being spied-on or want to ensure their privacy is maintained.

Our standard counter-surveillance and bug sweeping services

SSG will arrange for a Specialist Private Investigator who will have the appropriate electronic counter surveillance and bug sweeping equipment to effectively scan your home or office and detect the presence of any listening or video bugs or devices. Our specialist will visit your home and/or office and discreetly locate and remove any devices, and in some cases and at your request, an investigation can be carried out to trace back the individuals that placed the devices.

A bug sweep of your home and or office will include the following:

  • A full electronic scan for transmitting bugs
  • A full electronic sweep for  covert bugs using dedicated detectors
  • A full scan and electronic check on your telephone line from inside the home and the cable immediately outside
  • A visual search carried out by the Private Investigator
  • A scan on vehicles for electronic bugs and magnetic trackers

SSG Billing Information- Rates and Fees:

Sequoia Security Group; SSG invoices on an hourly fee-for-services rendered basis in tenth-of-an-hour increments.  This is done to avoid any potential conflicts of interest and unnecessary collection costs. We require new clients to sign a retainer agreement and pay for the total amount of the estimate before the investigation begins unless other arrangements are agreed upon. We base estimates on the time, complexity of the investigation and if required to testify.

We use a two-tiered rate structure for partners and associate investigators The firm’s managing partner is Nino Perrotta. Work performed by others “partners” is billed at the partner rate Associates are employees of our firm who are licensed to perform investigations, or they are unlicensed employees or contractors who may perform non-investigative tasks in support of the investigation. Some cases call for the extensive experience of our partners, while others can be handled more cost-effectively by our associates.

Partner’s at SSG will direct and review the work for every investigation.  Investigative tasks completed by outside private investigators, not including “partners” (i.e., non-associates) are billed as expenses without markup Hiring such investigators is sometimes necessary to conduct certain investigative tasks extra-jurisdictionally, where our firm is not licensed.

The investigation or needs of our clients are balanced by the office staff experience. Since we operate as a cohesive team dedicated to uncovering the facts of all cases in a lawful, confidential and professional manner while complying to all federal, state and local laws, ordinances and regulations.

Please call or email us today click here. Tell us about your case and ask about our current partner and associate rates. We can usually provide an estimate over the phone or otherwise send you a retainer agreement detailing our terms of service.