SSG Areas of Focus:


SSG provides its select clientele with reliable and confidential domestic and international investigative and problem-solving services.  Our worldwide investigative team has extensive experience in law enforcement, financial crimes and forensic accounting.  SSG is also adept at the provision of threat and vulnerability assessments (workplace violence), social media monitoring and the collection and analysis of intelligence and media investigations.

Executive Protection

SSG maintains an elite group of highly trained individuals with backgrounds ranging from former military, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security, state and local law enforcement who provide Executive Protection and Special Team services.  SSG has the ability to provide protective services at short notice anywhere in the world.

Cyber Security 

Cyber security and forensic investigation is a highly specialized discipline.  The Sequoia Security Group can assist you in collecting all relevant information of investigative value.  We specialize in preserving and identifying computer-based information.  SSG and its affiliates use computer forensic techniques to successfully investigate, identify, mitigate and resolve computer related crimes and malicious activity.

SSG utilizes computer forensics and network security solutions that aid both its private and public sector clientele achieve their desired results.  The utilization of a targeted form of forensics offers high-tech security solutions with a wide range of products and services, each designed to acquire electronic data, identify, extract, and document computer-based evidence.

The Sequoia Security Group offers the following cyber security services:

Computer Forensics

The Sequoia Security Group has a team of highly-experienced computer forensic investigators who have worked with law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and corporations.  The SSG team investigates computer- and network-related crimes, providing a thorough identification and extraction of data and full litigation support and expert testimony.


The Sequoia Security Group offers an array of network security services to ensure the appropriate controls are in place. The prevention of unauthorized access or disclosure of information is vital to the integrity of your network system.  SSG provides the following services to uncover security vulnerabilities before they are exploited; network security audits, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments and application testing.

Litigation Support

The Sequoia Security Group provides law firms and corporations with e-discovery services that include the extraction of all email and instant messages from computer systems and servers, including deleted messages and/or messages sent through webmail. SSG investigators have the expertise to perform e-discovery on small business networks, large corporation networks, personal computers, and mobile devices, such as PDAs and mobile phones. The SSG Team has the expertise required to retrieve and process information from computer systems to support both civil litigation and criminal prosecution.


The Sequoia Security Group specializes in forensic investigations and in the identification and preservation of computer-based information. SSG and its affiliates use computer forensic techniques to successfully investigate, identify, mitigate and resolve computer related crimes and malicious activity.  The SSG investigative approach includes the following steps:

  • Identification, preservation, and acquisition of the evidence.
  • Analysis of the electronic storage media.
  • Discovery and recovery of deleted files, including records and drive partitions.
  • Documentation and reporting of the findings of the investigation and subsequent analysis.
  • Recommendations regarding further investigation and/or other appropriate action.

Network Assessment

The Sequoia Security Group can offer the highest caliber network security assessments with a focus on prevention and regular testing.  The SSG network security assessment and audit consists of; Vulnerability Assessment, Application Testing, Penetration Testing and Architecture Reviews.

Security Vulnerability & Threat Assessments:

SSG can be your company’s first line of defense as its services are tailored to your needs. Functioning as a team, SSG provides timely and accurate analysis that guides your decision makers with insight, opportunity and direction in all areas including global marketing entry.

SSG assists clients in mitigating their security risks including fraud, corporate espionage and recommending appropriate security measures to guard against terrorism, workplace violence, theft and embezzlement.  This is achieved by the identification and evaluation of vulnerabilities along with the recommendation of appropriate solutions. We can help companies protect their human resources and assist them with both hands on training and consulting to protect trade secrets, intellectual property, real property and other assets.

Threat Assessments

■ Determine Threat to Individuals or Companies
■ Used in conjunction with Vulnerability Assessments
■ Identify and Implement security measures to counter subject threat

Vulnerability Assessments

■ Identify and Assess vulnerabilities in existing security systems and plans
■ Develop counter measures and provide recommendations

Corporate Compliance

SSG provides knowledgeable support to our clients who are pressed to meet compliance issues through the documentation of protocols and best practices for your specific business needs.  Our security management team is comprised of former corporate attorneys and federal law enforcement professionals who are proficient with compliance issues as well as having managed numerous security issues on both a domestic and international level.  SSG’s goal is to evaluate your needs, dissect the compliance issue at hand and provide a corrective solution followed up with training specifically focused on preventive measures.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures -Bug Sweeps

SSG provides counter surveillance and bug sweeping services for private and corporate requirements.  Our counter surveillance personnel are veteran technicians who offer discreet, confidential bug sweeping and counter surveillance debugging services (technical surveillance counter-measures) to individuals and or firms who suspect they are being spied-on or want to ensure their privacy is maintained.

SSG will arrange for a Specialist Private Investigator who will have the appropriate electronic counter surveillance and bug sweeping equipment to effectively scan your home or office and detect the presence of any listening or video bugs or devices. Our specialist will visit your home and/or office and discreetly locate and remove any devices, and in some cases and at your request, an investigation can be carried out to trace back the individuals that placed the devices.

A bug sweep of your home and or office will include the following:

  • A full electronic scan for transmitting bugs
  • A full electronic sweep for  covert bugs using dedicated detectors
  • A full scan and electronic check on your telephone line from inside the home and the cable immediately outside
  • A visual search carried out by the Private Investigator
  • A scan on vehicles for electronic bugs and magnetic trackers