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Steven Branigan

Vice President of Cyber Security

Steven Branigan, an original member of the United States Secret Service, New York Electronic Crimes Task Force joined the Sequoia Security Group team as the Vice President of Cyber Security where his knowledge and expertise in cybersecurity will augment SSG’s capabilities in this market. As a forensic scientist, Branigan offers a unique perspective of both theoretical and practical experience on issues related to cyber security, internet protocols, law enforcement and business. With a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and an MBA, Branigan is well suited to provide sound assessments, recommend practical risk mitigation with the goal of protecting the customer and not impeding business. Branigan remains active as a forensic scientist in the cyber security field and builds forensically-sound tools that help complete the job in a timely, efficient and effective manner.

Branigan’s knowledge of cyber security policy and computer crimes has helped make him a highly sought speaker and instructor. As a forensic scientist, he has worked on cases with both domestic and international law enforcement agencies, taught for the Department of Justice, and earned citations and awards from agencies ranging from the US Secret Service to the New Jersey State Police. He has testified before Congress, been a US delegate to the G8 Cyber Crimes Security Summit, and provided training at NATO. He is a licensed private investigator and the author of High Tech Crimes Revealed.


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  • A Method and Apparatus for Electronic Data Reproduction (S. Branigan), patent pending


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