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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

SSG provides counter surveillance and bug sweeping services for private and corporate requirements.

Our counter surveillance personnel are veteran technicians who offer discreet, confidential bug sweeping and counter surveillance debugging services (technical surveillance counter-measures) to individuals and or firms who suspect they are being spied-on or want to ensure their privacy is maintained.

SSG will arrange for a Specialist Private Investigator who will have the appropriate electronic counter surveillance and bug sweeping equipment to effectively scan your home or office and detect the presence of any listening or video bugs or devices. Our specialist will visit your home and/or office and discreetly locate and remove any devices, and in some cases and at your request, an investigation can be carried out to trace back the individuals that placed the devices.

A bug sweep of your home and or office will include the following:

  • A full electronic scan for transmitting bugs
  • A full electronic sweep for  covert bugs using dedicated detectors
  • A full scan and electronic check on your telephone line from inside the home and the cable immediately outside
  • A visual search carried out by the Private Investigator
  • A scan on vehicles for electronic bugs and magnetic trackers