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About Sequoia Security Group

The Sequoia Security Group provides unique and proven senior executive strategic leadership with a global network providing trusted and confidential boutique services and intelligent support founded on decades of significant experience and expert knowledge in national security, cyber security, protection, investigations, risk, compliance, emergency preparedness and technical surveillance countermeasures.

Mission Statement

We endeavor to be the preferred boutique security company for all whom we serve and pledge to conduct our protective security and investigative business with uncompromising professionalism, effectiveness and efficiency.  We adhere to a strategic approach of deliberate and steady growth, thereby enabling us to meet clientele demand with quality and timeliness.

Vision Statement

The vision of SSG is to be recognized as the pre-eminent boutique security firm and global provider of private security, cyber security and investigative services.  SSG is committed to provide security and investigative services that meet the highest standards of quality and professionalism through a committed, highly-trained and a collaborative oriented staff that employs progressive technology and promotes integrity in all its business processes.


  • Highest personal and professional integrity
  • Customer service, partnership and satisfaction
  • Exemplary, professional and confidential job performance at all times
  • Dedication to accomplishing the mission.
  • Loyalty to the Sequoia Security Group team and clients