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Nino Perrotta


Nino Perrotta is a highly accomplished law enforcement professional with more than 20 years of experience in military, security and protective services, with expertise in threat analysis/mitigation, physical and facility security, major event logistics and VIP travel. Nino has successfully conducted complex investigations both domestically and abroad. He has a proven track record and ability to liaise with diverse stakeholders across agencies and countries.

In 1990 after receiving his Army Commission from Fordham University, Nino embarked on his military training at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. There he completed both the officer basic military intelligence training and advance counter intelligence training, resulting in his appointment as a Counterintelligence Officer, United States Army Reserves.

In 1993 he began his career in law enforcement as one of the first “all” civilian investigators for Mayor David Dinkins’ newly created New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB).  The CCRB’s mission was to investigate, mediate, make findings and recommend course of action on complaints against New York City Police Officers.  These complaints often alleged the use of excessive or unnecessary force, abuse of authority, discourtesy, or the use of offensive language towards the public.

In 1994 after completing the Rockland County Police Academy, Nino was assigned to the Bronx County District Attorney’s Detective Investigators’ Bureau.  During his tenure at the DA’s Office, Nino expanded his investigative experience while assigned to a low level gambling investigation.  The focus of which was gambling and loan sharking activities of Gambino Crime Family “soldier” Greg DePalma. Through his leadership, tenacity and superior investigative skills the investigation blossomed.  Prior to Nino’s departure to the United States Secret Service in 1995, the investigation was ready to target the head of the Gambino Crime Family; John A. Gotti “Junior”.

After a tour at the Secret Service’s New York Field Office, where Nino conducted numerous other financial and electronic crimes investigations, he was assigned to the Field Office in Rome, Italy.

While overseas, Nino conducted numerous protective security advances for both the President and Former Presidents of the United States.  Nino also worked closely with the Italian authorities on fraud, financial and cybercrime investigations with global implications.

Nino collaborated with the Italian Finance Police; (Guardia di Finanza) on one such investigation which identified a scheme in Pescara, Italy.  The perpetrators; Italian university professors were defrauding the city of Pescara with a sophisticated prime bank lending scheme posing as members of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank who claimed unrealistic return on government investments.

Nino was then assigned to Bucharest, Romania to address the growth of computer hacking and fraud cases against U.S. companies and government agencies.

In Romania, Nino continued his track record of conducting high impact successful investigations which lead to the prosecution of numerous Romanian criminals.  Nino leveraged this success along with his strong interpersonal skills towards the establishment of a mutually cooperative and beneficial relationship between Romania and the Secret Service.  These cooperative efforts with the Romanian authorities helped justify the funding and establishment of a permanent Secret Service presence in country.

Following his successful tenure in Romania, Nino was then sent to Sophia, Bulgaria for a nine month assignment.  The purpose of which was to replicate his efforts in Romania, namely the establishment of a Secret Service office in Bulgaria.  Nino quickly went to work establishing liaison and partnerships with both Bulgarian law and non-law enforcement, as well as with the private sector. During his time in Bulgaria, Nino placed great emphasis on collaboration, information sharing and strategic partnerships.

Nino also coordinated investigative action and initiatives aimed at combatting the counterfeiting of US currency.   One case involved the tracking, location and apprehension by Nino of a fugitive who returned to Bulgaria after being indicted by the Secret Service in New York for counterfeit currency violations.

Nino obtained the trust and confidence of senior ranking officials in the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior.  In 2002, along with the support of the American Embassy; Nino was able to establish in Bulgaria, the first “International” Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force (ECTF).  Nino utilized as a model, the extremely successful New York ECTF.  Nino was fortunate to have been part of this ECTF.

In 2003, upon the conclusion of his foreign tour of duty, Nino was assigned to the Secret Service Intelligence Division in Washington, DC. At which time, he represented the Service at the newly created US Department of Homeland Security National Operations Center (NOC).

At the NOC, Nino helped deliver real time situational awareness and monitored homeland defense and security issues.  Nino successfully worked with governors, homeland security advisors, law enforcement partners and critical infrastructure operators in all 50 States and 50+ major urban areas nationwide.  Nino went on to become the Assistant Senior Watch Officer, Office of the Under Secretary, responsible for the coordination, collection and fusion of information from more than 35 federal, state, territorial, tribal, local and private sector agencies.

Since 2004, Nino has been a Senior Special Agent with a United States Govenment Agency.  He is charged with a dual mission, protecting a member of the U.S. Presidential cabinet and coordinating protective intelligence information.  Nino has conducted numerous security preparations for his mission and has been responsible for the coordination of both domestic and foreign security advances and conducted sensitive internal and contract investigations valued up to $250 million relating to waste, fraud, abuse  and other violations of criminal and civil law.

In addition to an accomplished professional career, Nino holds a BA and MS in Political Science from Fordham University, New York, NY.  He is also a graduate of both the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco Georgia and the United States Secret Service Academy, Laurel, MD.

Nino currently maintains a Top Secret Clearance and is bilingual in English and Italian.

Some noteworthy awards bestowed upon Nino include:

  • Special award for prosecution of Seynabou Seck in Southern District of New York and the Prime Bank Lending Scheme in Pescara, Italy.
  • New York State Law Enforcement Award for investigation and prosecution of John A. Gotti and the Gambino Crime Family
  • FBI award for investigation into European American Bank Robberies

Nino is an accomplished hunter who loves the outdoors and in 2012 sold a successful start-up construction company based in Washington, DC that he founded in 2004.