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Theresa FrushTheresa Frush is a former Americorps Vista Fellow who served as a Special Projects Coordinator amongst various federal agencies.  Ms. Frush was instrumental in the development and implementation of strategic planning geared towards the partnership building required to coordinate and mitigate the effects of natural disasters.  Ms. Frush specialized in organized disaster planning, roundtable discussions and mock exercises to coordinate the mobilization of volunteers and the appropriate allocation of resources and supplies for special needs groups.

Ms. Frush was also the co-founder of the Chesapeake Youth Summit, whereby she provided training and opportunities for effective dialogue and civic engagement between government, law enforcement and military agencies aimed at the reduction of recidivism among low income youth population.

Ms. Frush has extensive experience in special event planning to include major presidential campaign events sponsored across party affiliations.  She has provided guidance on physical security and investigative services to the bio-defense industry, where she currently designs security solutions as a small business representative.  Currently, Ms. Frush is involved in the provision of college campus physical security and emergency operations planning services under the Directorate of Emergency Management for Montgomery County, Maryland.

Ms. Frush’s professional experience in physical security is complemented by her training in bio- safety, chemical hygiene & hazcom, incident reporting & accident investigation, good document practices, document control, emergency evacuation, chemical hazard communication, operation of clean steam generator, RODI water systems, desiccant dryer, air compressors, WFI System, bio-waste system, air handling units, lock out- tag-out and traffic material & equipment flow.

As SSG’s Project Manager – Physical Security and Emergency Management, Ms. Frush is committed to leverage her proven team building skills and track record of utilizing a customer’s budget, requirements and capabilities into a winning cost/price proposal.  This strategic approach will provide the SSG clientele an effective and efficient integrated solution to their security and business development needs.